Privacy Policy

I, Blake Watson, operator of A Fine Start (hereafter, AFS), care deeply about your privacy. I’m a big supporter of internet privacy and I will never misuse your data or betray your trust by giving or selling your information to third parties unless it’s critical to the functionality of the service (e.g., the payment provider, Stripe).

What information does AFS collect?

When you use the site without an account, all your bookmarks are stored on your computer—AFS’ servers don’t collect them. When you register for an account, AFS collects your email address and your bookmarks for the specific purpose of offering premium functionality, like syncing.

AFS uses Fathom Analytics, which is privacy friendly analytics software. Fathom doesn’t collect any personal data from you and is GDPR compliant. Read more about Fathom’s privacy practices at

How does AFS use the data it collects?

Your data is used only for offering the service. I may use your email address to provide customer support or very infrequent updates about the service. I will never sell or give your email address to a third-party for the purposes of sending you marketing spam. If I ever start up an email newsletter, it will be opt-in.

AFS’s analytics data is used to measure how well the homepage is performing in regards to signups.

Does AFS use cookies or other methods of tracking?

AFS does not use cookies.

AFS uses your browser’s local storage only to save data essential for you to use the service (i.e., your bookmarks). AFS uses the privacy-friendly analytics software, Fathom, and respects your browser’s DoNotTrack setting. It will never use Google Analytics and it will never attempt to track you on other websites.

Changes to this privacy policy

Changes to the privacy policy will be posted here on this page. This privacy policy was last updated on December 26, 2019.


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