Kill the clutter. Embrace the hyperlink.

A thought. A spark. A new tab. You open dozens of them every day. It’s time to show some love to this underrated but oft frequented destination.

Curate your own list of bookmarks, grouped and sorted to your liking. A Fine Start gets you where you want to go. Fast.

“No” is a feature

If your new tab isn’t fast it’s wasting your time. A Fine Start unapologetically cuts away everything you don’t need so that it’s blazingly fast and gets you to your destination now.

Light & Dark

Screenshot of A Fine Start in light mode with three columns of text links. Screenshot of A Fine Start in dark mode with three columns of text links.

Add. Group. Sort.

A Fine Start gives you the simple tools you need make order out of chaos. Add bookmarks to your new tab page, organize them into groups, and sort them however you like. Minimal design and typography keeps your new tab clean and clutter-free.

Click. Done.

Use the quick-add panel to add the currently active website to your bookmarks. A Fine Start is obsessed with getting you where you’re going with as little friction as possible.

Close-up screenshot of A Fine Start's quick-add panel in the browser toolbar. Name and URL fields have been pre-filled the web page's information.

Info hoarders rejoice.

Access your bookmarks in any browser. Subscribe to Premium for just $5 a month to get syncing between all your browsers. No password required. Cancel anytime. Or use the free import and export tools.

Private by design.

A Fine Start treats privacy as a primary feature. It doesn’t track you or build a profile or sell your data to third parties. You don’t even need an account to use it. If you do choose to get a Premium account, your email is all we need and it’s only used to authenticate you.

Get A Fine Start now. Free.

Grab the extension for Chrome or Firefox, or use the web version with your favorite browser.